Building Structures:

Complete Masonry Systems - Erection and restoration of masonry wall and veneer systems using standard and architectural units, reinforced CMU, stone, precast, and glass block. These systems incorporate the use of insulation, reinforcing, seismic wall anchoring, flashing, water-resistive barriers, dampproofing, cavity drainage material.

Facade Modernization & Restoration - Services range from minor repairs to complete restoration of the entire building envelope. Also, with the use of architectural components, we provide services which would allow building owners to transform aging buildings and give them a modern appearance. We work with building systems such as masonry, stucco, precast concrete, limestone and terra cotta.

Masonry Anchoring & Stabilization - Through the use of doweling methods, this process can eliminate the need to completely remove unstable cladding systems.

Masonry Tuck Pointing - The removal and replacement of aging mortar joints between brick and CMU that have begun to shrink, crack and otherwise allow moisture to enter the wall cavity system.

Concrete Sealers, High Performance Wall Coatings and Repellents - With the application of these products to building exteriors, building owners help mitigate water intrusion issues and help prevent staining of the building surfaces and in most cases insure an easier building cleaning process.

Expansion Joints - This pre-formed joint material is utilized in new and restoration construction to bridge construction joints in buildings and slabs.

Caulking - By far one of the most critical components of the cladding system. Many of these joints contain failures that go unseen due to the fact the joints are not visible from the ground inspections. These components should be continuously monitored as many owners assume that if they do not see water inside the building, they do not have leaks. Contrary to this belief, water can enter and remain in a wall cavity causing extensive damage to the structural components of the wall system.

Wet Glazing Systems - Removal and replacement of preformed gasket or other sealant material which forms the joint between the metal frame and glass and prevents water from entering the window system.

Building Power Washing - This process includes a general detergent cleaning or a thorough chemical cleaning with environmentally safe products.

Chemical Cleaning Glass Buildings - Through time, windows with aluminum and other frame types begin to oxidize leaving a film or fog over the glass. This process would typically remove the staining on the glass and frames.

Deck Coatings - The application of waterproof coatings to balcony and walkway decks to prevent water from reaching concrete rebar where long term exposure to water will cause the rebar to rust, expand and create concrete spalls.

Parking Stuctures:

Plaza and Mezzanine Waterproofing - High performance waterproof coatings can be applied to outdoor plaza decks and mezzanines to prevent water from entering the habitable spaces below.

Interior/Exterior Garage Cleaning - High pressure water blasting or chemical washing will typically remove staining caused by car emissions and general wear.

Expansion Joint Installation - Pre-formed joint material used in garage construction joints for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Pedestrian and Traffic Coating Systems - High performance waterproof coatings used in parking garage applications to withstand the rigors of foot and vehicle traffic. These coatings offer waterproofing solutions as well as aesthetic appeal.

Restriping - Conforming to ADA & other governing entities.

Preventative Maintenance:

Property Evaluations - We offer property evaluation walkthroughs with our clients to educate them on what to look for as they conduct their in house building envelope maintenance plans.

Tailored Maintenance Programs - We offer a more in-depth evaluation and reporting on the critical building envelope components. This program can be tailored to meet an array of goals and criteria.